What is a content aggregator?

A content aggregator is an entity that pulls together web content, applications or both from online sources for reuse or resale. It’s a means of curating content. Two types of content aggregators exist:

  • those who gather news and other materials from various sources for publication on their own Web sites
  • those who syndicate content, gathering and distributing material that suits their customers’ needs

Content aggregation involves collecting materials in one place, such as:

  • blogs
  • newsletters
  • newspaper and magazine articles
  • social media posts

It’s possible to aggregate content manually, but in today’s data-driven world, automated content aggregation, with the help of software tools, is more common and practical.

Why use a content aggregator?

Content aggregators can:

  • enhance your marketing efforts as part of a content marketing strategy
  • power your business applications
  • drive your corporate intranet
  • empower you to add value to customers
  • keep you up to date on industry information

LexisNexis: a global content aggregator

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LexisNexis has been aggregating content for more than four decades. We have not only one of the biggest news archives in the world, but also the taxonomy and the search technology that makes it quick and easy to retrieve this cornucopia of information.

By taking advantage of our collection of information, you can in turn offer aggregated, curated and enhanced-attribute content using application programming interfaces (APIs). You’ll create smarter, more powerful business applications, and you’ll be able to deliver more value to your customers, both responsively and effectively.

LexisNexis provides access to a range of trusted sources, including:

  • more than 17,000 licensed news and business sources
  • millions of daily news articles and social media feeds that span 75 languages and more than 100 countries
  • more than 1.9 million company and 3.1 decision-maker profiles
  • more than 6,500 international news sources
  • a comprehensive collection of patent data from more than 100 patent authorities
  • regulatory and legal information that draws from 168 million federal and state court dockets and 7 million court documents
  • more than 600 company and industry sources
  • more than 200 executive and biographical sources

Nexis Data as a Service

Nexis Data as a Service (DaaS) is a critical tool in our content aggregation arsenal. It connects you to the right content at the right time. With Nexis DaaS, you have access to:

  • news data, including national and international newspapers, radio and TV broadcast transcripts,
  • company and industry data, such as company profiles, corporate hierarchies, financial reports, mergers-and-acquisitions activities, and more
  • legal information, including global treatises and court dockets, risk-management and compliance data on politically exposed persons (PEPs), sanctions lists and watchlists
  • magazines and trade publications, which provide essential perspectives and business intelligence on industry drivers and company events
  • intellectual property (IP) and patents data from more than 80 data sources and patent authorities
  • newswires and press releases detailing the important news of the day

What’s more, Nexis DaaS adds more data to its collection every day.

The Nexis DaaS CORE advantage

CORE stands for Comprehensive, Optimal, Robust, Experienced, and LexisNexis and Nexis DaaS have all of these characteristics:

Comprehensive: Nexis DaaS taps into an unrivalled collection of alternative data sources to support a range of financial, corporate, risk, academic and brand applications.

Optimal: Nexis DaaS grants you access to material that aligns specifically to your content needs.

Robust: It provides smart content enhanced with semantic analysis to drive precision search, increased relevance, and faster content discovery.

Experienced: LexisNexis draws on its more than 45 years of leadership in the content aggregation space.

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