Our Client's Success Stories

Nexis® Solutions serve more than 175 countries across the world. The solutions help businesses take better decisions by providing you with easy-to-use, comprehensive, and cost-effective solutions. Discover examples of how we've helped leading organisations with their information needs by clicking the company logos below.

Nexis Diligence

Conduct more efficient due diligence checks by working in one interface that contains all of the necessary business information. In this simple and intuitive due diligence tool, you will have access to all regulatory data needed to ensure ongoing compliance.

Nexis® Data as a Service

Integrate the data you need into your mission-critical risk mitigation applications with Nexis® Data as a Service (DaaS).

By tapping into the trusted data available from LexisNexis, you can conduct due diligence and continuous monitoring of key customers, business partners, vendors, suppliers and other third parties that your company relies on.

Nexis Newsdesk

Media monitoring made easy. With the Newsdesk® platform, you can apply granular filters to ensure that the content and data you receive is relevant and valuable to you.

On top of monitoring your brand, Newsdesk can produce tangible and actionable reports and analysis that can be easily communicated and shared across your organisation.

Nexis®: News & Business Research Solution

Behind every smart decision is good information. With Nexis, you can turn our world-class data into actionable insights by finding precisely what you need when you need it.

Nexis strategically curates the most robust global collection of trusted premium and web news, company profiles, legal content, and industry information, all of which are standardised and indexed for you to easily uncover the most relevant data.