What is competition monitoring?

Competition monitoring (also competitor observation or competitive intelligence) refers to continuous reconnaissance of the market and the business environment in order to define your own market position. It involves the systematic collection and analysis of information on the competition, competitive products and services, and trends. You can use this as a basic for taking strategic and tactical decisions and thus always be one step ahead of the competition

Regular market monitoring is followed if necessary by a market analysis or competition analysis during which the collected data is interpreted and linked.

Competitive intelligence as a pillar of corporate strategy

How do you tackle your strategic planning? You probably monitor trends and ongoing developments. It’s good if you also listen to feedback from your customers. But where do your competitors feature in this? Do you know how your competitors are moving in the market? Competition monitoring enables you to avoid unpleasant surprises, to respond quickly and to modify your company’s strategy promptly.

Is competitive intelligence (CI) or competition monitoring part of your strategy?

Brand Monitoring and Brand Perception

competitive-IntelligenceThe big well-known brands in particular are constantly fighting for the favor of (potential) customers. Continuous monitoring of the target group’s brand perception delivers important insights for strategic business orientation or concrete marketing campaigns.

In the course of brand monitoring, the researched data must be examined thoroughly. A purely quantitative comparison of media reports may suggest that the competition is in the lead. However, the tonality analysis may come out in your favor if reports on the competition are couched in more negative terms.

In connection with online reputation management you should not ignore social media monitoring. You should therefore combine various metrics from different sources in order to obtain robust results. Graphics make the analysis easier.

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