Categorize your data set for optimal search results with our superior taxonomy offering.

What is Taxonomy?

Taxonomy is a "knowledge organization system," a set of words that have been organized to control the use of terms used in a subject field into a vocabulary to facilitate the storing and retrieving of items from a repository.

What we offer

LexisNexis Taxonomies provide clear definitions and a sound structure for categorizing and organizing information and news stories. With more than 10 years of experience creating and honing our taxonomies, our customers can be confident that applying these taxonomies to their content will result in a meaningful information categorization system--one that can be searched quickly to surface articles of interest.

There are six main areas of coverage in the LexisNexis taxonomy offering

  • Subject: with 3,200 terms
  • Industry: with 2,800 terms
  • Geography: with 900 terms
  • People: with 3,600 terms
  • Organization: with 11,000 terms
  • Company: with 330,000 terms
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