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We are proud to present the successor to LexisNexis Academic: Nexis Uni®. A suite of solutions for all your information needs. More than just a database, Nexis Uni® was developed based on feedback from university students. It’s academic research – but better. Nexis Uni offers the simple, intuitive research experience that today’s students expect, on any device they want. Nexis Uni® helps you to:

  • minimize training requirements, so you can focus on other tasks
  • give students the confidence to do independent research
  • boost student satisfaction and encourage student use

This approach will enable you to achieve maximum value for your library’s budget by providing a tool that responds to the primary preferences of digital natives. The tool is equipped with the same extensive, reliable content that you rely on from LexisNexis.

So what makes Nexis Uni® unique?

Students who have grown up with Google will immediately recognize the streamlined interface of Nexis Uni®. It starts with a large, clearly visible search bar. Students can search using natural language, or input complex Boolean search queries. As a result, Nexis Uni® is an ideal tool for students just starting their research careers, as well as advanced researchers. And that’s just the beginning!

Nexis Uni® offers you:

  • A large international news archive

    Access to articles from hundreds of local and national newspapers, magazines and press agencies. Also includes international news from sources in a wide range of languages.

  • Sector-specific and company-specific information

    Expand your search to include business and financial news, financial information on national and international companies, market research and sector-specific reports

  • Translation option for dozens of languages

    Translate search results from other languages into your preferred interface language using the translation function. This option enables you to expand your access to international sources.

  • Effective research

    Collect and analyse information from reliable sources. Students and lecturers can conduct detailed academic research using Nexis Uni®.

LexisNexis is a market leader in online information for higher education. The services are used by over fifteen hundred libraries worldwide and over eight million students and scientists. Nexis Uni® (LexisNexis Academic) is specifically designed to meet the needs of the academic community, so students and lecturers can always conduct their research quickly and easily.

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Flexible suite of solutions for higher education

We have partnered with schools and universities all over the world for many years, and have an unparalleled knowledge of the information needed in the academic sector. As a result, we are able to offer a flexible suite of solutions to support six crucial processes within your organization. Since all your solutions comes from a single, reliable partner, you will also be able to save significant time and money.

Nexis Uni® (LexisNexis Academic) is a flexible suite of solutions for six crucial processes in higher education:

  • Research by students
  • Research by academic research groups
  • Media monitoring and analysis
  • Due diligence and risk mitigation
  • Research on funding options
  • Data mining and integration

LexisNexis Services

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