Check patent specifications and reduce legal risks

Patent claims

Check and compare claims from a range of documents.

Patent weaknesses

Identify possible weaknesses in patent applications.

Patent citations

Insert formatted patent citations into information disclosure statement (IDS) forms.

Patent legal status

Ascertain legal status and identify relevant case law.

Here’s how PatentOptimizer™ can help you

PatentOptimizer™ enables you to work more efficiently and to reduce legal risks by checking patent specifications.

PatentOptimizer™ is a tool for compiling patent applications that also provides assistance in the event of patent disputes and during the patent grant process.The software helps you draw up US patent applications that are internally consistent, precise and well tailored.The tool also performs important quality control tasks in connection with the drafting of patents and monitoring of the drafting process.

Features of PatentOptimizer™

Features of PatentOptimizer

  • Accuracy and consistency check

Use PatentOptimizer™ to check the accuracy and consistency of patent applications with regard to claims, parts, literature and terminology.

  • Comparison of patent applications

Analyze text documents to compare them with other patent applications and link your application to relevant literature.

  • Citation source check

Search directly for the source details of patent citations in connection with your grant or application and check the relevant bibliographic data.

  • Comparison and research of claim components

Compare claim components, terminology and wording in multiple documents.Research particular claim parts using state-of-the-art technology and compile a claim hierarchy.

  • Terminology and wording check

Compile a list of cases with references to or interpretation of key terms and formulations in your patent document.PatentOptimizer™ can identify and report terminology from the user’s dictionaries.

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